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Let's Get Started! 

We've made our process very easy for you.  Here's how it works: 

  • The Right Instrument

Looking for an acoustic or electric? 

  • The Right Features

Everyone wants that one guitar they can instantly connect with.  An instrument that gives them confidence when they're on stage, playing their hearts out. An instrument that not only plays in tune, but stays in tune. And, an instrument their friends are deeply jealous about.  

I'll guide you through a short series of questions to make sure we build something that fits your musical style and tone.

  • The Right Time

Placing a 50% deposit gets your instrument on the build queue, and provides you a delivery date for when you can expect it. 

Don't have the 50% right away? Many payment plans are available that fit your budget, so feel free to contact me.  Once the payment plan reaches 50% of the instrument, I can then place your instrument on the build queue, as well as provide a delivery date.


Would love to hear from you!  Let's chat